Confederate Railroad – Elvis and Andy


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Confederate Railroad-Elvis and Andy (music video)

Compozitie by Craig Wiseman, single lansat la 9 Iulie 1992 de pe albumul “Notorious”. Video a fost lansat pe la mijlocul anului 1994

Membrii grupului care au participat la inregistrari:

  • Chris McDaniel
  • Danny Shirley
  • Gates Nichols
  • Jimmy Dormire
  • Mark DuFresne
  • Michael Lamb
  • Rusty Hendrix
  • Wayne Secrest

Now bein’ from the south
I never had a doubt
What kind of girl I’d want
I’d pick a Georgia peach
Or a Mississippi queen
Or a Dallas Debutante
But a met a little blonde from above and beyond
The Mason-Dixon line
Now she ain’t a dixie dumplin’, but let me tell you something
Lord she more than qualifies

She like Elvis, she likes Andy
She’s just as pretty as can be
She’s the number one fan
Both Graceland and Mayberry RFD
She ain’t a Southern bele, but its hard to tell
She’s got every quality
She likes Elvis, she like Andy
So she’s fine and dandy with me

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