Don Williams – It Must Be Love


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It Must Be Love - Don Williams

Single din Iulie 1979 de pe albumul “Expressions”..
Don Williams s-a nascut la 27 Mai 1939 in Floydada, Texas. (Decedat la 8 Septembrie 2017, in Mobile, Alabama). Dupa sapte ani cu grupul de folk-pop Pozo-Seco Singers, a inceput cariera solo in 1971. A avut 17 singleuri pe locul #1.
A fost poreclit “Gentle Giant” al muzicii country, datorita vocii sale bass-baritone, cu tonuri moi.

First I get cold, then hot
Think I’m on fire, but I’m not
Oh, what a pain I’ve got
It must be love

There’s nothing I can do
All that I want is you
Look what I’m going through
It must be love

It must be love, it must be love
I fall like a sparrow, fly like a dove
You must be the dream, I’ve been dreamin’ of
Oh what a feeling, it must be love

Something is wrong alright
I think of you all night
Can’t sleep til morning light
It must be love

Seeing you in my dreams
Holding you close to me
Oh what else can it be
It must be love

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