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Elton John – A Good Heart

Elton John – A Good Heart

Elton John – A Good Heart. Album: Wonderful Crazy Night (2015).

Pentru prima dată în 11 ani îl vedem pe Elton John  într-un videoclip muzical. Clipul, regizat de Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen.  Piesa este despre dragoste, care rezistă în timp.

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Bernie Taupin
Drums: Nigel Olsson
Percussion: John Mahon
Bass: Matt Bissonette
Guitar: Davey Johnstone
Keyboard: Kim Bullard
Tambourine: Ray Cooper
Tenor Saxophone: Joe Sublette, Jim Thompson
Baritone Saxophone: Tom Peterson
Trombone: Nick Lane, John Grab
Tuba: William Roper
French Horn: Dylan Hart, Allen Fogle
Harmony Vocals: Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, John Mahon, Matt Bissonette

Don’t shy away from coming in
Closer still my darling friend
Don’t slip, don’t trip on life
I’ll be the moon inside your eyes

Don’t be afraid of all my years
What you see or what you hear
It’s all yours and yours alone
Yours for the taking, so take it home

Oh it’s a good heart to be a part of
Just a soulful warm and tender love
The kind of love you never knew
Oh it’s a good heart from me to you

Elton John - A Good Heart

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