Enrique Iglesias – Can You Hear Me


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Enrique Iglesias - Can You Hear Me

Released 27 June, 2008.
A fost melodia oficiala pentru cupa UEFA in 2008. Enrique Iglesias a canta melodiala incheierea competitie pe 26 Mai, in Viena. Melodia nu este deloc potrivita pentru fotbal, dar

Can you hear me?
I am numb but I can still feel you
Sometimes I’m blind but I see you
You are here but so far away

The times when you wanna I’m missing you
Makes me feel like I’m spinning
Sometimes you get what you gain

I’m on a coaster-collision
Am not about to give in
Can’t explain my position or the condition that I’m in

Where I am is no limit, no walls, no ceilings
No intermission, so let
Let the party begin

Hey, hey, all the way
DJ let it play
Hey hey can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

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