Gone West – I’m Never Getting Over You

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Gone West - I'm Never Getting Over You (Official Video)
Gone West - I'm Never Getting Over You

I’m Never Getting Over You, este un nou single de pe albumul de debut Canyons, al grupului Gone West.

“I want the end to be easier than the start,” (Aș vrea ca sfârșitul să fie mai ușor decât începutul) cânta Colbie Caillat, în această superbă baladă. Acest cântec despre terminarea unei relații, este cu atât mai semnficativ, considerând ca fostul soț, Justin Young, cântă împreună cu ea.
Este o dramă reală, care se poate simți din vocea lor, mai ales, că în acest video, filmat alb-negru, ei stau față în față.

Video a fost lansat la începutul lunii Octombrie.

Gone West

I want the end to be easier than the start
You were a hopeful heart that I shattered apart
I wanna say goodbye and disappear
Don’t wanna watch if you break down into tears
Don’t try to make me stay
Cause I ain’t gonna change my mind

Take a good look at the pain in my face before you walk away
Memorize all the hurt in my eyes, not what I say
I’m gonna give you what you wanted,
Though my heart will never stop
Tell you that I’m fine even though I’m not
You’re gonna know for the rest of your life
This is true, I’m never getting over you
I’m never getting over you

We’ll move on and you’ll find somebody new
With everything, I could never be for you
It’s hard to hear, but time is a broken heart’s best friend
There’s a morning waiting for you
With a know what could have been

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