Smokie – It’s Your Life


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Smokie - It's Your Life (Official Video) (VOD)

Single din Iunie 1977, de pe albumul de studio “Bright Lights & Back Alleys”. In toate hit-urile lor din anii ’70 -’80 as-a simtit “mana”lui Mike Chapman si a lui Nicky Chinn, care au fost producatorii lor in aceea perioada, si de multe ori au compus melodii pentru grup.

Smokie – componenta la inregistrarea acestei piese:
  • Chris Norman – Lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Alan Silson – vocals, backing vocals, guitars
  • Pete Spencer – backing vocals, drums
  • Terry Uttley – backing vocals, bass guitar

Smokie - It's Your Life

Who said the web of life is woven in a dream
‘Cause your life is filled with dreams you can’t believe
So the only way you live with it is acting every scene
And you play the part so well, that you deceive
Now and again I find you ain’t got a friend
Who knows, I come and I go, but it’s your life…

Though the world is overcrowded you still found an empty place
And I know he leaves you helpless and confused
And your search for love has often left you staring into space
Just another broken heart, so what’s the use?

How many times have I been so hard to find?
You know I come and I go, but it’s your life…

How does it feel when he’s not around?
Can he be real when he can be found nowhere?

Who lit the flame upon the candle tonight?
And who let herself be lit so easily?
And who let it burn until the early morning light
And in the early morning gave herself to me?
And so, my love, you know that it’s your life…

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